During a recent highlining trip to Tehran where they established a new line overlooking the city, Mohammad’s car was broken into and backpacks full of climbing and rigging gear were taken. Purchasing highline gear is difficult, expensive due to exchange rates, and in some cases the gear simply can’t be found in Iran. In order to get our project back on track, we will be taking a rig with us to the Turkey Highline Festival in February to replace the lost gear so that the Iran Slackline team can continue establishing lines before Crossing Lines happens in October.

Thanks to support from Balance Community in offering us discount prices on a full highline rig, as well as a deal from Slackline Brothers for a discount SB pulley set, we can bring this gear with us at the tune of approximately $1300.

Since Jade and I are already planning on footing our own travel costs, buying a spare rig is a bit of a stretch. We’re hoping the highline community and friends and family might be interested in helping us out in exchange for being part of this project. Additionally, we have a few ideas of how to say thank you.

See the indiegogo campaign for details. I’ll give you a hint though, one of them involves Jade using her knitting skills. And she’s awesome at it.