Kadisha Valley, Lebanon

Join us in Lebanon from May 13-19th, for an international adventure festival with a sports diplomacy twist.

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The Lebanon Highline and Adventure Festival


Last year, we hosted the first ever international highline and adventure sport festival in Lebanon. Now we’re back in May to do it all again. Our goal is to bring together a vibrant crew of international adventure athletes to experience the Middle East first-hand and to use our sports to connect people across cultural and political divides.

We’ll have at least 8 highlines, from 30m to 240m long, rigged by a professional team of dedicated riggers. Basic slacklines will be set up on the grounds near the highlines as well, and workshops will be held each day for yoga, acroyoga, meditation, and more (specific topics depend on the teachers available).

Come climb, walk highlines, fly off cliffs, lift each other up and share your passions with a multi-sport and international community.

Super Early Bird Tickets – $60 until Feb 28th

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Regular Tickets – $100 after March 31st

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The bigger picture: Crossing Lines in Lebanon

Adventure sports and the refugee crisis

Since 2017, Crossing Lines teams have been working with refugee youth in Lebanon teaching kids and teens to slackline as a way to help with social and behavioral development, education, and psychosocial support.

Lebanon hosts more refugees per capita than any other country, and the economic and social strain is great. Slacklining and other movement arts have a natural ability to bring people together, to inspire hope, and to help us learn about ourselves and others.

LHAF brings people together from around the world to connect with each other and to experience the Middle East first hand. The event also supports both the local slackline community, and Crossing Lines Lebanon.

Our mission is to change perspectives about refugees and immigrants, to reduce fear, and to grow a healthy community across cultures.

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We recommend flying into Beirut, and either renting a car or using the public bus system to get to Bcharre where the festival will be held. Beirut is a major city and flights are easy to come by from other major airports. Visas are available on arrival, free of charge, for most travelers. For more information: Lebanon Visa Guide

No public transportation from the airport to Beirut are available apart from Taxis, but regular ones are expensive. You can book a white taxi (reservation@whitetaxi.me) which are cheaper (18USD compared to 60USD for normal taxis to go from airport to Hostel Beirut).


As flights often arrive late, many people chose to spend a day or two in Beirut before coming to Bcharre. Below are a few hostels that our participants have used before.

*Hostel Beirut*

*Hostel Hamra Urban Gardens*

*Hostel Saifi Urban Gardens*

There are buses which run from the airport into Beirut, and from Beirut to the Bcharre, town where the festival will be held. We recommend coordinating with others to rent a car as a group, though, as this will be significantly easier. Car rentals in Lebanon are pretty affordable (~$9-15 a day for a compact).

Bus info – http://www.living-lebanon.com/transportation-bcharre.html


Camping space is available for free at the festival site from the day before the festival starts until the day after it ends (May 12-20th). Bring your own tent and sleeping gear. We are arranging to have toilets on site, and food and other facilities are walking distance from the festival grounds.


Many of our participants last year chose to rent rooms on Airbnb or at local hostels and guest houses. There are a few places available on Airbnb, but it is a small village. Bauhaus and Tiger House Hostel have simple affordable accommodations that can be reserved online. It may be possible to negotiate better deals in person. Additionally, other guest houses and hotels in the area do not have a web presence and are may be able to be booked upon arrival.


LHAF is primarily a highline festival, with at least 8 lines rigged between 25m-140m and possibly a 240m line as well. Basic slacklines will be set up on the ground in the festival area to allow people to train slackline skills or play between highline sessions.

*Slacklining Experience Level*

While anyone can attend the festival, attempting to highline requires some basic slackline skills. We try to make the smaller highlines as beginner friendly as we can, and will have volunteers on site assisting beginners on these lines. Participants can practice their skills on the basic slacklines rigged low to the ground prior to trying to highline.

Climbing is allowed at the festival site, primarily top rope style using trees or possibly bolts at the top of the cliffs. More climbing options are available in near by areas. The Lebanese Climbing Association has more information. Please keep in mind that much of the land in the area is protected as a UNESCO Heritage Site due to the ancient monasteries built into the cliff walls.

The hills around the highline site are home to paragliding launch sites.

Check out the Forest of the Cedars and more in the beautiful Kadisha Valley.

LHAF will be hosting various workshops on other movement and mindfulness arts like yoga, acro-yoga, meditation, contact improv and more.

The Lebanon Highline and Adventure Festival needs your help!

We’re making this festival out of love for bringing people together, but we can’t do it alone. The more the community participates, the more you get to shape it into the gathering you would like it to be.

Want to know what you can do to help?

+++ Buy your ticket early +++
Not only do you get a discount, you help us plan a better festival. This festival costs a lot of money to put on and the more you help by buying early, the more you’ll get to experience while you’re there.

+++ Participate +++
Trail maintenance, camp setup, workshops, classes, rigging, and safety. Want to make an impact on the festival experience? Then we’d love to hear from you!

+++ Spread the word +++
Invite your friends! LHAF is a place to make friends and share experiences. All adventurers are welcome: highliners, climbers, talented walkers, lazy hammockers… everyone is welcome to bring their positive contributions to this community event.

+++ Share your passion +++
Have something special you’d like to contribute? Movie screen, talent show, art, food-mobile, sofas, tents, decorations, school bus converted into a swimming pool… let us know!

Looking forward to seeing you May 13-19 in Lebanon ??

Super Early Bird Tickets are available until the end of February for only $60. 
Early Bird Tickets are available until the end of March for $80. 
Full Price tickets after March 31st will be $100 and can be bought online or on-site. 

This festival is put on by a dedicated crew of volunteers