Syrian Refugee Crisis

There are a lot of ways to make a difference for refugees around the world. If your heart is with our project, teaching refugees to slackline to help them connect with local communities, play, and practice language skills, please consider donating to our project. 

If you’re more interested in immediate needs, health, or education, take a look at the links below. We’re curating a collection of non-profit organizations and projects that we trust and respect to help spread their message and amplify everyone’s impact. 

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Syria, 2009

In the winter of 2008/2009, Sonya traveled to Syria as a visiting scientist to the International Center of Agriculture Research in Dryland Areas (ICARDA). For three months, she lived in Aleppo, an ancient and modern city that has been inhabited continuously for more than 4000 years. 

At the time, Syria was considered one of the most stable countries in the region.

This is the story of her experience there: 

Syria, 2017

Six years of civil war has devastated the country and set off a refugee crisis. More than 6 million people are displaced internally and another 4.7 million people are in hard to reach besieged areas. Another 5 million refugees are registered in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon. Nearly 900,000 people have filed for refugee asylum status in Europe to date. That’s a total of more than 15 million people displaced and struggling from this war.[1]

For more statistics: UNHCR Data